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Underwear fetish advice


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I have been a cross dresser for years, and just in the last few years i started wearing tampons and kotexs. It something romantic because they are doing it to please me. But do find myself wondering just about everyday if this is right. ), and the type and color of underwear.

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Underwear fetish advice. I would like to experiment, but i don’t know if i should. I am a member of the us military and i have worn only women’s panties for several years now. If she realizes that and continues to want to be besties, i would consider that selfish. They really look good. Hy het gesondig, maar nie ”n slegter mens van hom gemaak nie.


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Time to woman up and stop lying to yourself. If i were him i would have dialed down the friendship after the first time she told me romance wasn’t going to happen.

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