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Small lumps inside anus


Anal cancer | ascrs

While they’re unlikely to be caused by anal cancer, it’s best to get them checked out. If these tests suggest you have anal cancer, you may have some scans to check whether the cancer has spread. Help make it a reality. In this case, a prescription medication for anal warts must be used.


Anal warts: causes, symptoms, treatment, and preventionAnal cancer - nhs

What causes anal cancer?

Signs and symptoms of anal cancer | anal cancer signs

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Small lumps inside anus. Your ability to work or perform normal activities varies depends on the extent of your treatment. When they are very large they can be excruciatingly painful and sometimes it is better to carry out a small procedure to let the blood out to relieve the pain. Treatment with a topical medication may be adequate for warts that are very small and limited to the outer area of the anus. It is very sore, especially when passing stools. Others you can apply yourself at home. Transmission of hpv can occur even if warts are not visible.


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I am extremely worried as i don’t know what it is. Most cases of anal cancer have high cure rates when treated early. It has grown like a pea.

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