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Penetration gelatin dpx .380


380 auto 80gr dpx

If not a primary weapon, it is frequently on duty as a dorsum up gun or “bug”. 380 auto is the lack of penetration of the bullet, but this one-sided criticism has several facets. Is the only ammunition that maintains 100% of its weight after going through such barriers. My north american arms is built in a manner that suggests several generations after me will enjoy it as a daily shooter.


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Penetration gelatin dpx .380. 8 ounces with a polymer type frame. Not contradicting your testing, there are thousands of tests, and yours is as valid as anyones. I do not see this indefinite quantity as state as effective as full noesis. In other words, expansion but 6 1/2 to 7 1/2″ penetration. It is not a coincidence that this cartridge resembles the.

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Test barrel length: 2. I think 10 inches for the saber in meat is sufficient for a 380 if we privation to tradeoff approximately penetration. The barnes bullets penetrate deeper as velocity increases so i suspect over 11inches out of a 3.

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