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My very first orgasm

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One day, i was cooking dinner and had. They were not relying on the g spot but humping vigorously with their hips, underneath or on top. Congratulations both on becoming orgasmic and not having a miscarriage at 16 weeks. My first orgasm was when i was 18; it was self-made and dainty.


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My very first orgasm. It is how we learn to like our genitals, discover our sexual responses, and build sexual self-esteem. I had been too scared to do internal up to that point, but i was already super slippery and it was super easy, plus the fantasy helped heaps, and knowing that i was safe, and that i wasn’t gonna be walked in on. He was 35, unavailable and therefore deeply unsuitable. That’s when the shame began. Running through whatever the fuck kind of bacteria was found in my mouth, on the way to the turkey baster. I kept doing it until i felt this weird, but amazing sensation.


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No, it’s your turn now,” he said. Brilliant post/ love it.

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