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Most erotic mainstream film

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Mainstream movies with unsimulated sex list

Physically attractive stanwyck seductively and sexually aggressive in using men for her ascent within the new york city banking world. Two best friends fall in love with a pair of women, but the relationships soon go in very different directions. A violent, suspended police detective investigates a brutal murder, in which a manipulative and seductive woman could be involved. Vote up mainstream, wide release feature films that are most likely to be mistaken for porn at first glance. Some have been imported in as prestige foreign films, and others have been produced and distributed by hollywood studios. It’s the kind of film that makes you want to double check the marquee outside to see if you’re at one of those movie theaters pee-wee herman got arrested in. A young man murders women, using a movie camera to film their dying expressions of terror.

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Henry and june

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Most erotic mainstream film. A detective investigating a series of murders becomes involved with a woman who may be the culprit. The most celebrated segments in the film are a marathon, prolonged erotic kissing scene (that circumvented the ‘three-second’ censor’s restrictions), a swooping camera crane shot down to an extreme closeup of the wine-cellar key held in bergman’s hand (posters for the film always included a key motif), the wine-cellar sequence, and the suspenseful final scene with masterful inter-cutting. Even today, in the age of the internet and the easy availability of online porn, arthouse and mainstream movies can be banned for being too provocative. It’s a touching film, but the intense and passionate love scenes make it pretty nsfw.


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Western legends pat garrett, doc holliday and billy the kid are played against each other over the law and the attentions of vivacious country vixen rio mcdonald. Nestled inside nicolas roeg’s blood-chilling paranormal thriller is one of the best sex scenes ever committed to film.

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