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Mature hot fantasy anime


35 anime recommended for more mature audiences | ign boards

After a chance encounter the main character becomes a soul reaper, a death god (similar to the grim reaper). After acquiring the azoth sword, miki is ambushed by marcus and miura. Nevertheless, they are cast out by society and have no place amongst humans. I don`t suppose you read gantz manga? the seemingly senseless gore-spree is splendidly rationalized by the very last chapter.


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Mature hot fantasy anime. Fans of japanese animation learned to work around it, but the advent of fast, reliable streaming video changed everything. The world created in the show goes from the sterile emotionless society preserved in a dome, to the deserts of the free willed disenfranchised and the grief-scape beyond. This guy is as clueless and silly as johnny bravo, and he travels around in a spaceship with a fastidious robot and sentient ferret-like alien for companions. It’s a mech show. This is based on a real thing in japanese culture, but setting it in a high school opens up a whole new world.


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But while lain’s world is like modern-day japan, the world of. As does wolf’s rain and nge. Night raid’s objective is absolute – to end the corruption as well as the lives of those that caused it.

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