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Losing your virginity at a bathhouse


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Here’s what they had to say. We will fuck you real nice and take care of that cock of yours afterwards. We can start by the smallest guy fucking you and work our way up. Seconds later, the fox broke down and began bawling. He used his arms to pull me down on his cock a few more times after he came. Ahri stopped her tail as leona’s pleas turned to panic.


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Losing your virginity at a bathhouse. I guess he also felt he had waited long enough. No, sometimes, the wait is better than the actual experience itself. Then i felt my cock starting to stir. He had really big balls. I then felt a cock pressing against my ass. They hung kinda low and even though i couldn’t hear them, i felt that slam every time.

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He walked up, i felt his cock-head pressed up tight against my hole and then he grabbed a firm hold of my legs and held me real tight as his cock was jammed into me with a big forceful thrust. Ahri returned the magical shaft to leona’s nethers, to which leona let out another scream of pain.

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