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Girls blow cum bubles

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And i can swallow it quickly. However, if your boyfriend has been drinking a lot of fruit juice or eating a lot of sweet fruit a few hours before you go down on him, it will taste quite sweet and will make it much easier to swallow. Of course, this is much easier if you wash it down with a glass of water or something like fruit juice/soda to mask its taste. I like to suck on a breathmint, spearmint is my favorite, and drink lemon water before i give head. I have always wanted to pleasure my boyfriend by swallowing his cum when giving him a blowjob but i have a very sensitive gag reflex. Try having something in your mouth at the same time to either help you swallow it or to help you wash it out.


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Girls blow cum bubles. And contine (not long as he cant take it haha ) ???????? I have a very strong gag reflex but he will love it when you take him in your mouth he will be like putty in your hand. For advice on this. Are you over eighteen and willing to see adult content? All models are 18 + y.

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I always let him handle his cock while coming and after he is done i slowly close my mouth around his dick and with my hand at the lower part of his shaft i squeeze as much come as i can out of it. As i gay man who has a lot of experience with swallowing come i can tell you that it is tricky.

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