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Gay street festival

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Folsom street fair | folsom street events | leather events for good causes

Find and book your ideal hotel in berlin – fast, comfortable and safe. On christopher street day, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrate for the rights of lgbt people with a great parade, colourful floats, and music. About 60 participating football teams compete in a tournament at the event. It happens every year at easter time, and the.


Big gay day street festival | events | the weekend editionIn munich

Lesbisch schwules stadtfest

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Gay street festival. Enjoy an exceptional and exclusive sightseeing tour in the legendary vw t1 samba bus. Things to do in berlin this weekend and in the coming month, selected by our editors. Berlin’s most popular flea markets and antique markets with adresses, opening hours, public transport and map. Nollendorfplatz is the epicenter of easter in berlin, but events are organized throughout the city, and many of its fetish shops and nightclubs including the legendary berghain participate in various ways. We’re not around right now. Is a completely free event comprised of sports matches, live music, and more with the aim of promoting respect and acceptance of gay and lesbian persons in berlin and beyond.


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The respect gaymes are held in early july. There is also a breakdance battle, beach volleyball games, workshops, and even celebrities at the event who serve as respect ambassadors. Easter in berlin is also meant to promote tolerance, interchange and community for fetish lovers.

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