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Gay male truckers erotic stories

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A trucker makes an offer i cant refuse - fantasies erotic stories

North and south dakota: room service and the trucker. Besides, i’m not gay either but sometimes you need someone else to relief yourself. Getting impatient waiting there chance for a rear entry they started working me from both ends. Just then my phone dings. A lonley trucker has an unexpected sexual experince with a man that turns his to turn to gay.


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Gay male truckers erotic stories. With that he lit into my ass, as the vultures gathered around, cheered and counted the strokes. There’s been no finesse in this encounter, only feverish raw lust between two strangers. I should have been mad but with the fun we had just had who could be mad! every once in a while we radio eachother and wank off over the radio and sometimes i even try to find a route that crosses his so we can see eachother again. I checked and found two tires were busted and kicked my car in frustration. Big trucker gives sexy student a good service in the shower.


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At a gay bar a guy walks up and asks me “how’s it hanging tonight, dude?”. So i asked him where he was going and his answer was close to my uncles house only about a mile away. He moves away from me toward the head of the bed.

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