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The ncbi web site requires javascript to function. The short, intense, burning sensation produced by topical capsaicin produces an inhibitory feedback which may eliminate to need to scratch. Skin-patch testing using autologous faeces produced anal symptoms in a third of patients with pruritus ani and in 53% of asymptomatic individuals. Any co-existing anal conditions can precipitate or exacerbate itch. Some orally ingested medications such as laxatives, colpermin, colchicine, quinidine, peppermint oil and some antibiotics seem can lead to peri-anal itch. Up to 52% of patients with pruritus ani have anorectal disease with haemorrhoids being the commonest condition. All dermatophyte infections should be treated in all with a topical imidazole or terbinafine.

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Extreme anal iii. Small containers of oil-based preparations (balneol) or aqueous cream tubes take up little space and the contents are squeezed onto cotton wool to clean the perineum. However, like much of the literature in pruritus ani, the study’s conclusion should be treated with caution as allocation to treatment arms was not randomised. Prolonged faecal contact is irritant to peri-anal skin and, as a group, patients with pruritus ani are less able to maintain absolute continence when dealing with loose stools and an anorectum whose physiology and morphology has been altered primarily by food, surgery or, presumably, by medications. Nevertheless, physicians with an interest in pruritus ani have published good results with most people responding well, even though many suffer short-lived relapses. Any illness can lead to pruritus ani most commonly diabetes mellitus, liver disease, leukaemia, lymphoma, renal failure, iron-deficiency anaemia and hyperthyroidism.

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Treatment options for pruritis ani: active treatment measures. This is presented after an overview of how individual aetiologies relate to anal pruritus, the indications and pitfalls of the therapies available.

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