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Domination of zionists


Mizrachi bolts german zionist conference; parley hears demand for zionist domination of jewish life | jewish telegraphic agency

After all, he was awarded a nobel peace prize in 1978! i didn’t know then that a nobel prize may as well be a roll of toilet for what it’s worth. In some cases, arab-jewish religious leaders denounced zionism as they protested against the balfour declaration. As did his minister of propoganda. Both tendencies applied a class framework to give legitimacy to their positions. I have expressed before concerns about nomenclature of political discussions, re wittgenstein. But the attempt by zionism to impose nationalist boundaries on jewish identity was not readily accepted.

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The protocols

Russia getting ready to terminate zionist domination!| parti anti sionisteZionism in practice - the organisation and its tensions | the jewish agencyWhite evangelicals used to dominate christian zionism, but not anymore - christian news - jerusalem post


Domination of zionists. If 9-11 had been anything but an inside job, heads would have rolled. One would have thought that a supposedly marxist journal would at least have commented that britain “sold out” the palestinians because of britain’s imperialist interests. This being an attempt to ‘stifle shots fired for freedom’ by disarming us. As the focus on the holocaust evolved, it came to be seen as related to the transformation of the struggle for a secure israel into one of an expanding and conquering state.

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In the case of israel, the shoah question reflected the complex relationship of zionist ideology toward non-israeli jews. Thus, the jew was portrayed as a lover of greed and a parasite that made a living at the expense of others.

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