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Also there’s a nice girl sharon, the only girl in the movie that isn’t focused on as a sex object or a screaming bitch. Already i had lost the greater part of the day. Here is a movie that, for 99% of its running time, is occupied by one astronaut trying to wrap his head around the most unbelievable circumstance. He pulled out a flask and drank. While many civic politicians talk about open and accountable government, in-camera meetings are becoming the norm these days and many communities including white rock have seen seen a large increase in their frequency.


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Boat bottomless lake mug pee piss pit potty topless. 99 where it ended up upside down at the bottom of the river with the unlucky driver trapped inside. He was also as shrewd and crafty as any politician in american history. After the weekend i’m headed back to alberta, playing a charity showcase in vancouver tuesday june 5, serenity music in birch island wednesday june 6, and the whistle stop in jasper thursday june 7, getting back to edmonton in time for picture the ocean’s cd release friday june 8th at bonnie doon hall. Interestingly, i noticed that every single person got dressed before leaving the beach. I’d done the bookings in a hurry, with people talking to me while i was struggling through them, and i’d messed things up royally.


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I’ll be starting things off with a quiet set of special. Surrey first jumped the gun and began putting out their signs days before the 30 day period ahead of the election.

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