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Please enter your name. This is that inside the super massive black holes, like the ones in galactic centers, there may exist pocket dimensions. The largest, r136a1, is approximately 260 times the sun’s mass. As for how you might survive the trip, that would take some pseudo science we may never have. ) the is given by: In the book parallel worlds by michio kaku he talks about einstein-rosen bridges which can be used for transportation between parallel universes.


We live in a multiverse checkered with black holes, each containing its own universe  | big thinkWhy cant someone enter a black hole and come out from a white hole? - quora

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Blacks fuck white holes. And after making you a (no longer living) noodle man, it would continue to pull you apart until the very atoms themselves are being ripped apart. The other even more out there process would be to shoot you over as a self restoring transpersonal energy beam. This occurs when two particles interact and develop the same spin. White holes are good mathematical solutions of the einsteins general theory a of relativity. ***i am a 16 years old amateur and i am having my first experiences on quora.

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Again i cannot be sure of the math, but it is a possibility in my book. Comment contains invalid characters. Name contains invalid characters.

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