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Amateur extra class code test


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I am notorious for being a prankster and i should have known better! good one! This may be before your time, but when there was a novice class, the written exam for the tech and the general class licenses were the same test. It destroyed ham radio. Most importantly, it will bring integrity and honor back to our ranks while giving novices, techs, generals, and advances something meaningful to work for. Anyone that really wants to learn morse can. Although i’ll probably never have any proof my suspicions are strong that these folks pressured the fcc,

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Amateur extra class code test. To do flashcards, read questions, and take practice exams to make sure you know the new questions. Each ve, moreover, has been accredited by a. One more advantage to having an extra class license is that if you travel to the eu countries at all your license gives you hassle-free operating privileges. There are ten subelements, e0-e9, and the full exam consists of questions from each subelement (and from each of the topic groups within each subelement). Believe in freedom) comes a lot of responsibility. A ham with a general class (or higher) license administered the exam.


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Further, in view of the statutory change eliminating a reimbursement limit, we believe that it is appropriate to suspend, pending further commission action, the enforcement of section 97. Well, all of my hand wringing and letter writing didn’t do much good.

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