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Adult attachment style quiz


Relationship attachment style test

001) and the vasq total score at r=0. Perhaps men and women can relate to a different interpretation of this item. We always talk about these incidents within a day or two, and discuss future solutions and what went wrong, we understand each other well. Styles you’ll gain insight into your fundamental relationship compatibility. Some researchers are in favor of the universality of attachment theory.

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Adult attachment style quiz. Hence, we tried to evaluate the psychometric properties of one of such questionnaires on a sample of the iranian population. The authors would like to thank vahid sadeghi, mehdi vaez dalili and ali saghebi for their contribution in translating the questionnaire. The vulnerable attachment style questionnaire (vasq): an interview-derived measure of attachment styles that predict depressive disorder. It was originally published in july 2010, updated in june 2017. Understanding your attachment style provides direction for improving the quality of your relationships.

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001) were obtained for vasq insecure and total score respectively. In traditional societies such as iran, women are encouraged not to display emotions and they have more social inhibitions than men do. Time will of course tell but i continue to do research and practice to become all that i can be even if i take two steps backward i still go forward a step.

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