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  The Ohio Asthma Coalition was established on June 3, 2003, through collaboration between the Ohio Department of Health Asthma Program and the American Lung Association of Ohio. The first order of business was to develop vision and mission statements:

Vision: Living Well with Asthma.

Mission: Improve the lives of Ohioans with asthma.

Ohio Statewide Asthma Plan 2004-2009

A vibrant and active organization, the coalition currently has more than 250 members representing more than 100 organizations from all corners of the state. In 2004, coalition committees produced the Ohio Statewide Asthma Plan that outlined a comprehensive approach to addressing asthma in Ohio through a broad range of population-based strategies based on the Healthy People 2010 model. Because asthma is controllable but not curable or preventable at this time, efforts are focused on secondary and tertiary prevention. Most of the coalition activities occured through the framework of six committees, each focused on a strategic plan, with participation of the four Ohio regional coalitions listed below.

Ohio Statewide Asthma Plan 2009-2014

In 2009 the coalition took up the process of revising its five year plan of action. However, the process grew into more one of writing a new plan.  The experience and thinking of the coalition and its leadership was to create a flexible plan that allowed committees to plan and implement evidence based comprehensive projects in three major areas in the next five years.  The plan was based on a comprehensive survey of the coalition in late 2008. Due to that survey the organizational structure of the coalition was changed. 

The Ohio Statewide Asthma Plan 2009-2014 is a collection of goals and objectives created to provide direction for the Ohio Asthma Coalition, local coalitions and other organizations in Ohio for planning and implementing activities to improve the lives of people with asthma in Ohio.  Each year the Ohio Asthma Coalition will undertake Objective and Activity writing to maintain the plan as a living and working document.

The current plan:

Ohio Regional Coalitions:

  • Greater Cleveland Asthma Assembly of the Healthy Homes Advisory Council
    Stephanie McConoughey, RS

Sanitarian, Healthy Homes

Cuyahoga County Board of Health

5550 Venture Dr.
Parma, OH 44130

Phone: (216) 201-2001 x 1244

Fax: (216) 676-1317

Email: smcconoughey@ccbh.net

  • Central Ohio Asthma Coalition (Columbus)
    Phillip Bouton
    President, COAC
    c/o Columbus Public Health
    240 Parsons Avenue
    Columbus, Ohio  43215
    Phone: (614) 645-6226
    Fax: (614) 645- 7155
    E-mail: pbouton@columbus.gov

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